Public Notices:
The next fire commissioner's meeting will be held at 7:00pm, on April 14, at the Kendall Fire Station.
Community Events

We will soon be having safety talks with the community. Along with the NW Clean Air Agency, and other local groups, we will be talking about indoor burning, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, visible addresses, and File of Life magnets. Look for us out in the community!

A big thank you to the 29 people we had at the two combined CPR training events last month!

Outdoor Burning

The summer burn ban has been lifted. However, it is ALWAYS illegal to burn garbage and other construction debris. Burn permits are issued through the Whatcom County Fire Marshal's office. As always, burning in the Columbia Valley Urban Growth Area is restricted to recreational campfires only. A map of the Columbia Valley UGA is available here

    Wood Smoke Pollution

    Often in the fall and winter, we can get into a weather pattern that makes the air stagnate over the Columbia Valley. During this time, the smoke from chimneys can stay in the area, giving us some of the worst air conditions in Whatcom County!

    Because of this, it is very important that everyone burn only seasoned fire wood in their wood stoves and fireplaces. Every little bit helps!

    For more information, please visit the NW Clean Air Agency's website:

    Current air quality in the Columbia Valley can be found here:

    District Responses

    Total Responses: 240
    (As of 4/7/14)

    Total for 2013: 887
    Total for 2012: 813

    Nearly 80% of our calls are medical emergencies. The remaining calls are a mixture of structure fires, motor vehicle accidents, illegal burns, public assistance calls, and a variety of other incidents.

    Recent Events

    A BIG thank you to Chief Joe Hemmerich for his 25 years of service! We will certainly miss his wisdom and experience!